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I love to chat with students after class, and there are two questions that arise after almost every class, especially when new students have joined us:

1. What was the music you were playing?

2. Who wrote that poem?

This seems a good place to share all my secrets.

Every poem I read at the end of class (with very rare exceptions) was written by Danna Faulds, a teacher of Kripalu Yoga. Her poems have a way of speaking to me as if she lived in my head (pour soul!), and I’ve found that many students feel a similar connection to her work. I have occasionally copied a poem for a student who asks, but I’d rather you buy her work so she keeps making more! Plus, the pages of my DF books are all marked up with dates, as I don’t want to repeat them too often.

Poem with notations

Now on to music. The albums with an asterisk are used mostly for gentle yoga classes and savasana. All titles are available on iTunes.


  • Yoga Rhythm 2002
  • Yoga Groove 2003
  • Buddha Chill 2008


  • Savasana 2* 2004
  • Unplugged 2005
  • Love Holding Love 2008
  • Maa 2010
  • Savasana 3: Natural Beauty* 2013

Native American Flute*

  • 2011
  • 2013

Deva Premal

  • The Essence 1998
  • Embrace 2002
  • Deva Lounge 2012

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